Lifetime warranty life saving

SAFEDOMES portable tornado proof storage Class A storage sheds.

Miami Dade County Florida / Department of Defense certified storm shelters / bunkers, she sheds, man cave, pool sauna / storage, golf cart / ATV garage, fitness room, game room, ice house, kiosk, coffee shop WITH roof patio and a room to save your life.

5 ton concrete gazebo lifetime warranty

Safedomes Delivery to Fort Sill OK Department of Defense

5293 Basket Street 1/4 acre lot     North Port Florida  FOR SALE AS IS 

  JUNE 2021   $155,000  will finish to obtain certificate of occupancy from City of North Port  good until August 1, 2021 until next increase, BUY now save thousands!  4% Builder Financing 

Encapsulating metal Quonset huts on the exterior with dense closed-cell waterproofing insulation foam will produce a tornado-proof home easily green energized, including composting toilets. Call us now at 954 370 7944 to learn more about our services leave a message or send an EMAIL  

No quonset hut has ever been destroyed 

by any wind event 


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Applying waterproofing foam insulation 

on the exterior reduces energy use by 70% making hybrid energy sytem install cheap

BEFORE                                  AFTER

Business plan to take mobile homes off the grid by encapsulating the exterior with waterproofing foam insulation beginning July 2021.


Next evolution in backyard storage sheds those that can save your life!