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Florida properties for sale
Astor on the St Johns River
Riverbend a community on the East side of the St Johns River
 Ecofina 20 acres Taylor County, Florida south of Tallahassee
 lots at Flagler Estates Volusa County  St Augustine area
 Deltona, Florida    lake property Harley Ave.
 Marineland Acres  Palm Coast north of Daytona  2 lots zoned light commercial multi family A1A.
 South Gulf Cove   3 lots on Ingraham Blvd.  Pt Char
 2 adjoining lots Longson Street  Pt Char
 2 adj lots Penrose Street  Pt Char
 2 adj lots Woolard Ave.  Pt Char
 2 adj  lots Cain Ave.  Pt Char
Gary Ave.
 Germany Ave,  Sarasota County
Basket Street     Sarasota County
Keller Ave.  Pt Charlotte 
Rider Ave.  Pt Char 
 Rainbow Springs
River Oaks East Citrus County   2 adj lots