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How to build a Safe Room




There are no air leaks in a monolithic concrete structure.Florida concrete home     ConcreteSprayoverRebar.jpg

  This two story vaulted home built at Loxahatchee, Florida

Port Charlotte / Northport Florida

Offering this single story design 24 ft wide 60 ft long 2 Bd Rm 2 Bth $15,000 down $1,000 a month for 10 years NO homeowners insurance 

These homes will have #3 steel rebar every six inches embedded in 6 inches of concrete  

"First a 4 inch concrete foundation is poured with #3 steel rebar each way 12 inches on center and #3 dowel rebar coming out of the slab every 12 inches.
"Once 3 inches of concrete has been applied and an exterior steel door is set the concrete will cure until ready for a concrete sealer to be applied."
"3 inches of concrete being applied. Concrete will cure until ready for a concrete sealer to be applied."

 SafeDome a tornado proof shed that can save your life

By the phtos you can see that the SafeDome is built just like any other monolithic concrete structure, rebar embedded in concrete connected to the foundation, simple.  The safedome uses #3 bar every 12 inches encapsulated by at least 1 inch of concrete, I use 1.5 inch for a 3 inch solid dome wall.

 Size and shape is what gives the dome its strength.

Large enough for Bunkbeds
Off the Grid Cabin
Add Solar Panel for Off the Grid Cabin

The SafeDome has enough space for bunk bed and Solar or Wind generating systems and DC operated appliances

Many Uses for SafeDomes
Shelter, shed, garage for golf carts ATVs,grow room, sauna, extra bedroom
Fish Hatchery and transportable wind / solar power plant

Size and Dimensions
Each SafeDome is
10 feet in diameter 9 feet high
and weighs approximately
 8 Tons !!

An ARCH is twice as strong as a square.