DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie is one of South Florida's oldest family owned business since 1953  Retired Miami Dade County Firefigher David Pressler is now the current president.  

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Tornado proof construction
Delivery Fort Sill, OK
Quonset hut tornado proof homes by DRD Enterprises inc of Davie www.safedomes.com
Tornado hurricane proof home sale by owner
For sale by Owner Bunker home Northport Florida front entry

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I want to make YOU wealthy and a legacy offering the ONLY portable bunker in America that WILL save your life! what the metal shed industry does not want U to know about 

Always evolving DRD Enterprises inc of Davie currently is seeking General Contractors and people wanting to become WEALTHY offering tornado proof quonset hut homes and portable backyard bunker garden storage sheds that WILL save your life!  ONLY company in America!

For sale by owner bunker Florida home

Lake Lapanocia Deltona, Florida & River Park West Lake George Crescent City, Florida are two locations this stem wall design is being engineered for.  2 bedroom 2 bath approximately 2000 sq ft of living area.

 Pre Construction offers now being accepted

706 Hartley Ave Deltona, Florida 

Lot 16 River Park West Crescent City, Florida 

Representing Sun-Mar composting toilets  

                              INVESTORS / PARTNERS / BUILDERS NATIONWIDE

                  ONLY Miami Dade County / Department of Defense certified  

             portable bunker /  tornado proof Garden storage shed in America

              seeking to make somebody WEALTHY and a legacy is that YOU?

Northport, Florida Bunker home builder financing

ALL offers considered financing 6% 

NO home insurance

NO MORE concrete quonset hut homes!  This bunker home at Northport, FL is a bunker home designed for bomb and wind events.  Future builds will now be using metal quonset huts.  NEVER in history has a metal quonset hut been damaged by a wind event!  Once encapsulated on the exterior with FOAM insulation waterproofing  homes will produce more energy than being used!  Future of homes today Port Charlotte and areas in Florida Builder financing NO home insurance!  What home builders do not want the public to know about, FUTURISTIC HOMES!  only method that can tornado proof footprint of a home in a WEEK!