Safe room business and inventory for sale

manufacturing site Lorida, Florida 30 miles north of Okeechobee City highway 98 frontage.   Miami Dade County Florida  and Department of Defense certified.  Partnership possible 

Where will you go when the wind blows?

Video Building thin shell home

 Watch how thin shell concrete homes are made 

Tornado / hurricane proof 9 Safedome storm shelters delivery from Illinois to Ft Sill OK

Safedome deliveries photo / video  history

June 12, 2019  Foundation down now begins the framing with the steel rods

June 24, 2019 Foundation down steel erected this week   5293 Basket Street NorthPort Florida.

2 bedroom 2 bath  24 feet wide X 60 feet long 12 feet high arch.  Exterior encapsulated with 3 inches of closed cell roofing foam to prevent vapor, moisture and heat from touching the concrete shell, interior becomes a wine cooler.

24 feet wide X 60 feet long using 

double wide mobile home footprint

Know of mobile home lots for sale let me know

safedome is not only tiny it can save your life.  Liquating inventory of tiny homes located at Lorida, Florida highway 98  north of Okeechobee City  Miami Dade County and Department of Defense certified as storm shelters and bunkers, meets FEMA 320 specs for safe rooms.                                            Where will you go when the wind blows?